A Moving Experience at Gettysburg National Military Park

Posted on October 03, 2015 by Jamie Burton

Went to Gettysburg National Military Park this June. Just experiencing the park in present day time was impactful in and of itself. There is a feeling there, a quiet melancholia that is pervasive throughout the park, especially when it is shrouded in overcast low lying clouds and mist in the fields, over miles of split rail fences, down among the boulders at Devil's Den, up to the lookout at Little Round Top. I was amazed at how quiet it was in the park. Though we were among many visitors, the mood was respectful and solemn. It did not seem like the battles that took place there were 152 years removed from us. It gave us a new desire to learn/relearn all that we could to better understand what had occurred at that point in our nation's history, how it affected our country then, how it affects us still. Mockingbird's antiquarian library allows us a vehicle in which to return to that time and to get to know those that lived there. We now no longer take having a piece of history in our hands for granted.

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Posted on April 06, 2013 by Jamie Burton

      Spring brings sunshine, soothingly warmer temperatures, April flowers,and vintage garden to Mockingbird Antiques. As we venture out into the warmer weather, our thoughts turn toward spending time in our yards/soon-to-be gardens. If you are looking for interesting, unique, garden items then Mockingbird may be the place for you. We currently have a vast array of vintage decorative cement. There is a large, standing rabbit, a lamb, the traditional pair of geese, a raccoon, frogs, and garden angels/figures. There are old cement urns and planters as well as wicker, wooden, and iron plant stands. Mockingbird has a 1920's Art Nouveau fountain base, a Koi fish fountain base, and a small figural two-piece fountain. Our spring stock includes old metal seed containers, watering cans, gathering baskets, a red iron pump, weather vane, and all sorts of pottery frogs and turtles. We also have unusual iron/metal items that would be great as garden art. Our library has many old and vintage gardening, botanical, nature books, framed butterflies, and floral paintings.

     When you enter Mockingbird you will see a six foot metal/iron sculpture of a tree which is home to a birdhouse, with birds perched in its limbs and there is a pair of metal/iron cranes to greet you. So, Mockingbird is officially ready for Spring. See you soon and Happy Gardening!   -JB-


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Mockingbird in December

Posted on December 12, 2012 by Jamie Burton

I know that I am stating the obvious when I say it's December. What I mean is, I can't believe it is December already! Once again, we find ourselves on the final page of yet another year. 2012 has simply sped by for us. Mockingbird Antiques would like to take this opportunity to offer a heart felt thank-you to all of our valued customers. We wish you a joyful holiday season and a happy, healthy, and prosperous new year! God Bless.

Though the days are growing shorter and the temperature is dropping, this Mockingbird does not fly south for the winter. We will have our Centerville, IN store open for your visit this winter. See you soon.  -JB-

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Mockingbird Antiques in October

Posted on October 01, 2012 by Jamie Burton

 Sweet smelling Fall is in the air. Soft sunlight, cooler temperatures, and an impressive palette of colors popping up everywhere. Soon, whimsical folk figures and spooky vignettes will come to life in fields, front yards, and porches throughout our small Midwestern town. Autumn days tug at our heartstrings as memories of distant Octobers flutter by with the scattering of each new batch of falling leaves.We long for nothing more than to simply be out-of-doors. So, the time is right for vintage Halloween and Fall items to appear at Mockingbird Antiques. You can see a large, iron JOL sculpture(see photo), Halloween party hatbox decoration (see photos), vintage black cat lantern, large, vintage witch rattle, terra cotta and cement pumpkins, earlier metal magic answer box, metal owl sculpture, large, carved wooden squirrel, witch/ghost decorated sap buckets, and of course, old volumes of Edgar Allan Poe to keep you up at night. All this and more await your arrival. See you soon! -JB-

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Mockingbird Antiques" Likes" West Michigan

Posted on August 14, 2012 by Jamie Burton

Short getaway: family time, a house on the 'big lake', and time for antiquing- what could be better in August. Posting some photos of Amsterdam- a way cool indoor/outdoor store on the Blue Star Highway in Saugatuck, MI. If you like the unusual/one of a kind thing or conversely like to buy treasures in bulk or lots- this place might be for you. The Wooden Shoe Mall in Holland, MI was a good fit too. A special thanks to the staff for the warm welcome, extending their hours for that last minute purchase, and graciously offering to store a purchase we made that was too big for us to take back on this trip-we'll see you again in October with a bigger boat! We will be diligently working this week to get these new found treasures out for our customers both at Mockingbird in Centerville and online.


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