A Moving Experience at Gettysburg National Military Park

Posted on October 03, 2015 by Jamie Burton

Went to Gettysburg National Military Park this June. Just experiencing the park in present day time was impactful in and of itself. There is a feeling there, a quiet melancholia that is pervasive throughout the park, especially when it is shrouded in overcast low lying clouds and mist in the fields, over miles of split rail fences, down among the boulders at Devil's Den, up to the lookout at Little Round Top. I was amazed at how quiet it was in the park. Though we were among many visitors, the mood was respectful and solemn. It did not seem like the battles that took place there were 152 years removed from us. It gave us a new desire to learn/relearn all that we could to better understand what had occurred at that point in our nation's history, how it affected our country then, how it affects us still. Mockingbird's antiquarian library allows us a vehicle in which to return to that time and to get to know those that lived there. We now no longer take having a piece of history in our hands for granted.

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